Michelle Giddings: Psychiatric Nursing Isn’t Scary

The psychiatric nurse practitioner discusses why she loves teaching students how to work with the mentally ill. As a psychiatric nurse practitioner, Michelle Giddings has assessed and helped treat people with substance abuse problems, criminal offenders, and suicidal patients. She’s helped grieving mothers work through the loss of a child and plenty more.

Nursing and Mental Health

Although patients may stop in an emergency room or doctor's office for a medical issue, an underlying mental health need might be interfering with their wellbeing as well. The Nursing School retooled its curriculum to ensure all of its students are ready to treat such patients.

Mental health workers a much-needed field in Nevada

In her position, Giddings can assess, diagnose and formulate treatment plans for patients, and work with a multidisciplinary team for holistic care. As a psychiatric nurse practitioner, Giddings can practice autonomously in Nevada, thanks to the passing of Assembly Bill 170 last year. Giddings says someone considering her field should expect six to eight years of schooling.

Stigmatization and Public Reaction to Mental illness

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Dr. Michelle Giddings Citations

Michelle Giddings was an assistant professor and master’s program graduate coordinator for the School of Nursing at the University of Nevada Las Vegas where she taught undergraduate courses in psychiatric nursing and maternal-child health, as well as clinical courses in the graduate nurse practitioner program. Currently, she's in private practice at Grand Desert Psychiatric Services and also consult for Monte Vista Hospital and Desert Parkway Behavioral Hospital.